Minnesota NMLS State Test Prep

Minnesota NMLS State Test Prep

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This Course Includes:

  • State Exam Test Prep: Minnesota


The Minnesota test prep course includes the following :
1.)  Minnesota State specific slide presentation with important points necessary to help prepare you for the state specific exam.
2.)  Comprehensive Minnesota State specific lesson plan with statutes, rules, laws etc, necessary to pass the exam.
3.)  A Minnesota State specific exam with 100 or more questions to simulate and prepare you for the NMLS Minnesota State specific exam.

The NMLS Minnesota state exam is broken up into 5 different areas. These areas are listed below along with the exact percent of what type of questions that you can expect to encounter on the exam.

  • Minnesota Department of Commerce (5%)
  • State Law Definitions (10%)
  • License Law and Regulation (25%)
  • Compliance (50%)
  • Disciplinary Action (10%)