LATE 2 Hour CE Mortgage Education – Oregon

LATE 2 Hour CE Mortgage Education – Oregon

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This Course Includes: 

  • Late CE – 2 Hour Online OR SAFE CE – Oregon Law – Key Topics (6086) (6578) – E


This 2-hour course covers Oregon law and regulations pertaining to mortgage lending, loan servicing and loan brokering, in addition to rules regarding high-cost home loans. The following laws will be covered in the course:

The Oregon Mortgage Lending Law and Oregon SAFE Act (ORS Chapter 86A)

• OAR Chapter 441, Divisions 850 through 885
(Division 850)
(Division 860)
(Division 865)
(Division 870)
(Division 875)
(Division 880)
Oregon Mortgage; Trust Deeds (ORS Chapter 86)

Oregon Mortgage Fraud Prevention Act (ORS 646A.700 – 646A.765)

• Oregon Identity Theft Protection Act (ORS 646A.600 – 646.628)
(ORS 646A.600 – 646A.760)
(ORS 646.010 – 646.628)
Interest; Repayment Restrictions (ORS Chapter 82)

Unlawful Trade Practices Act (ORS 646.605)

Oregon Real Estate Law (licensing) (ORS 696.010 to ORS 696.020)

The course is divided into five sections:
Section 1: Overview and Definitions. Outlines the purpose and authority of each law and sets forth definitions used throughout both laws.
Section 2: License Maintenance. Covers the Oregon Mortgage Lending Law, Oregon SAFE Act and Oregon Real Estate Law regarding requirements for renewing and maintaining licenses.
Section 3: Acts and Practices. Covers permissible and prohibited acts and practices with respect to lending and broker activity and usury statutes and guidelines for Clients’ Trust Accounts.
Section 4: Compliance and Consumer Protection. Covers permissible and prohibited fees and charges, disclosures and agreements, advertising and consumer protection requirements.
Section 5: Disciplinary Action. Covers notifications and investigations actions, suspension / revocation of licenses, penalties and fines, and civil and criminal liabilities.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course you will have a strong understanding of the laws and regulations specific to mortgage loan originators and lenders in the state of Oregon.