2 Hour PE Mortgage Education – Tennessee

2 Hour PE Mortgage Education – Tennessee

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This Course Includes: 

  • OIL – 2 Hour Online TN SAFE PE – Tennessee State Law (3615)


This course covers Tennessee law and regulations pertaining to mortgage lending, loan servicing and loan brokering, in addition to rules regarding high-cost home loans.

The following laws will be covered in the course:

• TRLBSA § 45-13 – Tennessee Residential Lending, Brokerage and Servicing Act
• THLPA § 180-17 – Tennessee Home Loan Protection Act

The course is divided into five sections:

Section 1: Overview and Definitions. Outlines the purpose and authority of each law and sets forth definitions used throughout both laws.

Section 2: Licensing. Discusses licensure requirements for both mortgage brokers and MLOs, in addition to license maintenance standards.

Section 3: Duties and Prohibited Acts. Details duties required of MLOs, prohibited conduct and investigation process.

Section 4: High-cost Loans (THLPA) Compliance. Discusses prohibited acts for making high-cost residential mortgage loans.

Section 5: Enforcement and Penalties (THLPA). Discusses default and foreclosure processes, due diligence, penalties, compliance failure and the commissioner’s investigation authority.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course you will have a strong understanding of the laws and regulations specific to mortgage loan originators and lenders in the state of Tennessee.