2 Hour PE Mortgage Education – Idaho

2 Hour PE Mortgage Education – Idaho


This Course Includes: 

  • OIL – 2 Hour Online ID SAFE PE – Idaho State Law (2736)


This course covers Idaho Law relevant to Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs). The course is designed to help you understand the specifics of Idaho law and assist you in preparing for the State licensing exam. We will provide you with references as to where to find more details on pertinent parts of the law.


This education is delivered in the Online-Instructor Led (“OIL”) format as required by the NMLS for online Pre-Licensure (“PE”) education. It is available on our website through any internet connection.

Important features include:

  • Defined start and end dates (See Course Calendar).
  • Interaction with the instructor and students through forum activities
  • Interaction with the instructor and students through forum activities
  • Progression as a cohort. At times you will wait for instructor feedback before continuing.

(Note: This is not an “Self-Study” course and does not allow for study at any pace or without instructor/classmate interaction)



The course is divided into five sections:

Section 1: State Regulatory Agency – Covers the Regulatory authority, structure, and responsibilities and limitations of the relevant West Virginia regulatory agencies.

Section 2: State Law and Regulation Definitions – Summarizes the intent and purpose of each law, and provides a review of the unique definitions found therein.

Section 3: License Law and Regulations – Covers persons required to be licensed, licensee qualifications and the application process, the grounds for denying a license and license maintenance.

Section 4: Compliance – Details prohibited conduct and practices, required conduct, fees and charges, disclosures and agreements, advertising and trust account requirements.

Section 5: Disciplinary action – Discusses notifications, hearings and appeals, then suspension, revocation and rescission of licenses, and finally, penalties/fines and civil and criminal liability.


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course you will have a strong understanding of the laws and regulations specific to mortgage loan originators and lenders in the state of Idaho. You will also have the information needed to pass the Idaho State Exam.