1 Hour PE Mortgage Education – Connecticut

This Course Includes: 

  • OIL – 1 Hour Online CT SAFE PE – Connecticut State Law (5113)


This course covers Connecticut Law relevant to Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) and is structured to reflect the outline of the Connecticut License Exam. This course covers the Connecticut Abusive Home Loan Lending Practices Act, Other Mortgage and Loan Practices and General Mortgage Statutes.

The topics included in this course are:

  • CT Abusive Home Loan Lending Practices Act. Reviews definitions, required disclosures and prohibited acts when making a high cost home loan.
  • Other Mortgage and Loan Practices. Outlines required conduct for brokers, as well as guidelines for nonprime home loans.
  • General Mortgage Statutes. Reviews definitions, required conduct, licensing requirements and prohibited acts for mortgage lenders, brokers and MLOs.


Learning Objectives

Understand general terminology regarding residential mortgage loans.
Know the requirements for both initial licensing and continued licensure.
Understand prohibited acts and the corresponding disciplinary actions for violations.